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Shamanistic Manifesto:

Activism in Defence of the Earth




At the age of 75 I wrote the text Shamanistic Manifesto: Activism in Defence of the Earth. It is available in Swedish as a small book and has now been translated into English. It is only available in digital format as a free pdf (31 pages) and can be ordered without cost from norrshaman@gmail.com.

This text is an effort from my side to connect modern shamanism with environmental and climate activism. I quote from the back cover text: “Climate chaos, extermination of species and destruction of Nature confront present-day shamans with new, immense and difficult tasks. This manifesto is a when-where-how-manual to non-ordinary activism where Jörgen I Eriksson deals with concepts such as reactive, proactive, preactive and ceremonial magic, open and hidden activism, shamanic disobedience and non-violence, networks and non-organizations and how to transform despair and grief into creative magical actions with the help of one’s spiritual allies and The Great Mystery.”

An edited version of the Manifesto is published in Sacred Hoop magazine, issue 121 September-December 2023.