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Seidr 5.0 - A Guide to Nordic Shamanism






The first Swedish edition of Seidr was published in 1985. The English version is based on the fifth edition that was published in 2016 and is focused on the distinctive features of Nordic shamanism. The book is both a theoretical and a practical guide to Nordic shamanism with extensive accounts of sacred sites, non-ordinary reality, Dreamtime, vision quests, soul journeys, power, magic, runes, seidr, ceremonies and shamanic medicine. The author also writes thoroughly on traditional philosophy, the many similarities between a shamanic world view and quantum physics and how Nordic shamanism can be creatively practiced in the 21st century.

Here is the opinion on the book by the Saami shaman Eirik Myrhaug: ”Eriksson has a Nordic starting point for his shamanism, but he has also been much inspired by Saami shamanism. He also brings in perspectives from quantum physics into a shamanic world view and that makes the book very up to date. It can be used as an encyclopedia of shamanism. This book is recommended!”

Nicholas Breeze Wood reviewed the book in Sacred Hoop no 97: “…it’s solid, and for those who feel the need to explore shamanism from a more European basis it will, I am sure, give much food for thought and trigger further explorations.”

Details: 96 pages, A5, hardcover spiral. ISBN 978-91-978832-8-3.

This book is sold out but is available as a free pdf here.



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ISBN 978-91-978832-2-1