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norrshaman is a publishing house and think tank that creates, supplies and publishes thoughts and texts that give insights into the world and into Dreamtime, that which in the old Nordic tradition was called the unseen.


norrshaman was created in 2004 and is run by JÖRGEN I ERIKSSON, who is a journalist and an author and, who for more than three decades, has been studying shamanism, traditional healing and spirituality - theoretically and experimentally, and through journeys and field studies among the Saami in the northernmost parts of Sweden and Norway and in Navajo Nation, Diné Bikéyah, in Southwestern USA.


Jörgen has written several books on the Nordic shamanic tradition and rune magic, and two of them are now available in English; Rune Magic and Shamanism – Original Nordic Knowledge from Mother Earth and Seidr 5.0 – A Guide to Nordic Shamanism.



Rune Magic


Rune Magic and Shamanism (ISBN 978-91-978832-2-1) deals with the great inherent power of the runes. They are doorways to Dreamtime and do express the totality of all knowledge that is dispersed everywhere. The runes are one of the sacred rites originating from the holy beings of Dreamtime and they can be utilized to bring harmony and balance to humans, animals, plants and minerals. The runes are a sacrament in Nordic shamanism and by combining the runes with other shamanic methods such as vision quests, ceremonies, seidr and magical singing this shamanic tradition can manifest its full potential. This book describes the runes as processes, their origins and meanings and how they can be used as an excellent tool in order to think and act in beauty. Its aim is to be a manual to the shaman’s philosophy and practice. This book can be ordered by e-mail at the cost of US $30, £20 or 25 Euros (postage included). When ordering please include your mailing address. When confirming the order I will bill you via PayPal or the banking SWIFT-system. The book is also available at Amazon and the Swedish web sites Adlibris and Bokus. 




Seidr 5.0 (ISBN 978-91-978832-8-3) is a theoretical and a practical guide to the distinctive features of Nordic shamanism with extensive accounts of sacred sites, non-ordinary reality, Dreamtime, vision quests, soul journeys, power, magic, runes, seidr, ceremonies and shamanic medicine. The author also writes thoroughly on traditional philosophy, the many similarities between a shamanic world view and quantum physics and how Nordic shamanism can be creatively practiced in the 21st century. This book can be ordered by e-mail and will cost US $30, £20 or 25 Euros (postage included). When ordering please include your mailing address. When confirming the order I will bill you via PayPal or the banking SWIFT-system. The book is also available at Amazon and the Swedish web sites Adlibris and Bokus. 


An earlier booklet with the title Sometimes Miracles Happen... On Saami shamanism and Traditional Healing was published by Folktankar in 2004. In this booklet Jörgen I Eriksson systematically analyzes the methods, concepts and functions of traditional healing and shamanism, especially among the Saami. Several healers and shamans tell, with their own words, what healing is all about, where they get their power from and how they use it to fulfil their tasks.  From the activities and thoughts of the healers he draws conclusions on how other human beings can extract wisdom from this tradition of knowledge. This booklet is sold out but it is now available for free as a pdf.  


The article Saami Shamanism: The Noajdie Today is reprinted from the Newsletter of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Winter 1988-89). It was one of the chapters in the first edition of Jörgen I Eriksson’s book on Saami Shamanism in Swedish. A copy of this article might be ordered from The Foundation for Shamanic studies. 


Read also about Saami Ethno Medicine.


There are as well a few other articles in English on this site that might be of interest:


Heimdall, Odin and the Nine Waves of Creation.


Michael Harner writes his testament.


The World Tree, the Cosmic Web and Mother Earth in Nordic Tradition.


The Runes – A Shamanic Tool from Dreamtime.


Here is a list of Jörgen I Eriksson’s books on Saami shamanism and traditional healing and on Navajo traditions in Swedish;


      1)  Samisk shamanism (= Saami shamanism 1987, 1988, 2002 and 2003). Saami shamanism today. Interviews with Saami shamans, artists and writers. A chapter by professor emeritus Louise Bäckman on the initiation of the Saami shaman.


2)  Blodstämmare och handpåläggareFolklig läkekonst och magi i Tornedalen och Lappland (1992, 2001 and 2004) deals with traditional healing in Tornedalen and Lapland, mainly among the non-Saami population. But this books contains also a deep-going interview with the Saami healer Per Simma.


3) Ibland inträffar mirakel … Analys och lärdomar av folklig läkekonst och shamanism” (2003 and 2004). Swedish edition of  Sometimes Miracles Happen


4) Vandrare i två världar – Samisk shamanism bok 2 (2004). This is book no 2 on Saami shamanism and it contains interviews with seven Saamis that are active within the field that was originally defined as the shaman’s responsibility. This book is an attempt to describe present-day Saami shamanism in a global perspective and as part of the indigenous peoples’ struggle for self-determination and cultural identity.


5) Navajo – Att tänka och vandra i skönhet (= Navajo – To Think and Walk in Beauty, 2008). An attempt at describing Navajo history, culture and philosophy. Contains interviews with 10 traditional Navajos and beautiful photos from Diné Bikéyah.


6) Var tids noaidiSamisk shamanism (= A Noaidi for Each Time, 2009). This book contains the best parts from books no 1, 2 and 3 in updated and enhanced versions. Several new chapters have been added, based on travels and interviews made in Sápmi during 2008. Saami shamanism is still a living tradition, creatively applied to modern times by traditional and new practicians.


7) Drömtid visdom paradox (= Dreamtime wisdom paradox, 2011). A further investigation of the traditional philosophies and spiritual traditions of the Navajo and Hopi and the concept of Dreamtime. Contains interviews with Navajo scholars on the concept of wisdom.


norrshaman has so far published nine books on the Nordic shamanic tradition:


1) an introduction into Nordic shamanism (2004, 2010); Sejd 5.0 – En vägledning i nordlig shamanism (=Seidr 5.0 – A Guide to Nordic Shamanism)


2) an introduction to Rune magic (2005, 2006); Runmagi och shamanism 3.0 (=Rune Magic and Shamanism)


3) an attempt at a critique of  present-day capitalism (2004); Shamanism, marxism och människans frigörelse (= Shamanism, Marxism and the Liberation of Mankind)


4) a booklet on shamanic philosophy (2005, 2006); Att bita av ödets trådar (=Biting off the Threads of Fate)


5) an analysis of some pre-Christian Nordic myths (2005); Världsträdet och den kosmiska väven (=The World Tree and the Cosmic Web).


6) an analysis of the continuity between the old Nordic shamanism and the popular healing arts that have survived into our days in remote areas of Sweden (2008); Atrid Grimssons Svartkonstbok


7) a manual on how to find power and wisdom in Nature (2009); Naturens återkomst (= The Return of Nature – Shamanism and Liberation)


8) a guide to the shamanic dimensions of the old Norse Edda songs (2014): Eddans dolda visdom (The Hidden Wisdom of the Edda)


9) an analysis of synchronicities, archetypes and numerical magic: Drömtiden knacker (2015)


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